R+R Collection - 12 Egg Tray Holder

R+R Collection - 12 Egg Tray Holder

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R+R Collection - 12 Egg Tray Holder

  • Made by combining Rubbish (used plastic bottle caps) + Resin
  • Made with love and care locally in Mildura, Australia

All the bottle caps are collected from our locals through our Recycling Collection (https://ascogracefullygreen.com.au/pages/recycle-with-us), diverting it from landfill and reducing unnecessary waste. They are hand-sorted and washed, before being given new life as this new product.


A range of various plastic bottle caps and resin. 


Length - 19.6cm
Width - 14.7cm
Height - 4cm (before soft feet are added) 

Please Note:

This product is handmade, and each piece is unique and individual.
Some slight bubbles and imperfections are a normal part of resin products. 

Resin products should not be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight for any length of time.

Care Instructions:

Please hand-wash this product. 

Our packaging is minimal and is completely plastic free and bio-degradable. Your purchase will be posted within 48 hours in a compostable post bag.